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Your Child's First Visit

It is important to get your child in the habit of going to the dentist twice a year.  By starting at an early age, check-ups are usually quick and easy. In addition, having your child’s teeth checked regularly will help with catching any problems early and will assist with maintaining good oral health.

First experiences, like going to the dentist can be frightening for young children. Events can be scary for kids when they don’t know what to expect.  We feel the use of children’s literature is a good way to introduce your child on what to anticipate at their first dental visit. At Folan Family Dental we have a library of books that we recommend. The books can be borrowed or purchased (at cost).  By reading to your child, you can introduce them to the dentist, the office visit, dental tools & equipment, proper brushing and a variety of other topics.  While reading and discussing pictures, your child has the opportunity to talk about concerns and ask questions.   In our dental library, we have a variety of books to accommodate your child’s age and interests.  Our staff is familiar with the choices and we have short descriptions of each book to assist you with picking the book that will best suit your child.  To borrow (or purchase) a book, simply contact reception at Folan Family Dental.

In addition, when you borrow a book from our library, we have a list of suggestions/activities to further assist you with preparing your child for their first dental visit. 

Furthermore, if your child has specific worries about their initial dental visit, please let the staff at Folan Family Dental know.