FFD Endless Whitening Program

FFD's Endless Whitening Program is a great way to keep your smile bright for years to come. The program goes hand-in-hand with our Preventative Appointments (cleaning/exam).  As long as you keep your regular (every six months) Preventive Appointments we will give you a free whitening refill at your appointments. 

Here is how it works: After talking with your dental professional to see if you are a whitening candidate, FFD will make custom fitted whitening trays. Then, at your six-month Preventive Appointments we will give you whitening gel at no additional cost.

Who can join?

Patient needs to consult with a FFD dentist or hygienist to see if you are a whitening candidate. Then purchase a custom bleaching tray to join the program.

This program is available to patients 18 years and older.

When can I join?

Patients need to sign up at a scheduled Preventative Appointment at FFD. 

How does it work?

At the Preventative Appointment, the patient reviews the contract with an FFD staff member, signs the contract and pays the one-time fee.  During the Preventative Appointment, custom molds are made.

Preventive Appointments need to scheduled and kept within six months and 30 days of the previous Preventive Appointment to remain with the program. 

Endless Whitening patients will receive a free whitening syringe at their Preventative Appointment.

What does it cost?

You are required to purchase the initial custom whitening trays. FFD charges only what it costs to make them. After that, there is no additional cost for the on-going touch-up syringes.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

If you need to reschedule your six-month Preventive Appointment, we require at least a 48-hour notice. In order to remain in the FFD Endless Whitening Program, you need to reschedule the appointment, so you remain within the time line of six months and 30 days of the previous Preventive Appointment. If not, your membership in the FFD Endless Whitening Program will be cancelled.

What is a custom whitening tray?

Impressions of your teeth are taken in our office to make custom trays for your take-home whitening system. The system consists of a syringe containing a whitening gel. A small amount of gel is placed into the appropriate areas within the tray. The tray is placed in your mouth for a specified amount of time. The chemical agents in the whitening gel brighten the outer most layer of the enamel. This process is repeated until the desired results are achieved.

Other Information:

Patients are responsible for booking and keeping their appointments within the required time frame to remain with the FFD Endless Whitening Program.

Maintenance whitening syringes will be given 2 times per year.

Eligible patients can sign op for the FFD Preventative Plan or FFD Endless Whitening Program, but not both.

Questions about the FFD Endless Whitening Program??

Please call our front desk staff.